© 2019 by LifeMMO. 

Please understand these 4 simple rules to stay a part of our community.

Rule #1

Verbal abuse and racism is simply not tolerated on our server. 

We are all humans after-all,  so be kind.

Rule #2

We have a realistic world map.

We want to keep it that way.

Do not cause excessive damage to the shape of the countries borders / coasts.

Rule #3

Theft and scamming players out of money or emeralds is not allowed.

- Price your trades fairly

- Do not pickup and steal dropped      items that are not intended for you.

Rule #4

We have an intelligent anti-cheat system. If you are caught using Hacks or Cheats on our server, you will be banned.

Been Banned?

If you would like us to review your ban from our server, please fill in the form or contact us via Discord.